Consultant service

Examination of disabled patients will often lead to the indication for surgical interventions and other treatments which can only be performed in the hospital.

The Regional Hospital and the Hospital of Tosamaganga treat patients with disabilities which can take profit from the examination by a specialized doctor for rehabilitation. The cooperation with these hospitals is reciprocal. Neemarehabilitation Clinic will take profit from the diagnostic possibilities of the hospitals. The cooperation with the Interplast-teams which come to Tosamaganga hospital is of use for both sides.

NeemaRehabilitation will work in line with the public health services and can help to set up the “Persons with Disabilities Register” which is demanded by the “The Persons with Disability Act, 2010”.

The clinic seeks to be the contact-point for people with disabilities of all kinds and for all people concerned with them. It will work in a network by providing information and contacts. Knowing the offer of services from different organizations and hospitals it can coordinate any help in the field of disability and rehabilitation.

It will be a teaching and training center not only for the medical but also for social and spiritual aspects of disability and rehabilitation. The Center endeavors to build capacity in its trainees and employees by teaching life skills and knowledge about all affairs concerned with disability and rehabilitation.