Doctor’s practice

  • The medical investigation in view of an Assessment of the Impediment according to the ICF criteria of the WHO is not yet set up in Tanzania. Therefore, the offer of a medical consultation is elementary for the outpatient and inpatient treatment of the handicapped people, particularly as the available facilities do not do justice to the needs of these people. The medical consultation contains the drawing up of a rehabilitation plan. The medical order is also the legal condition for the physiotherapy.
  • The offer of the medical practice can be extended by the services which can be rendered in the neighboured Regional hospital or District hospital (lab, X-ray examination).
  • Contracts with health- insurances are intended.

Offer of Education

Dr Hans Schwake trains a nurse and a physiotherapist in treatment of the children and also to discover their abilities and talents. The children shall be enabled to be shaping well.

Another aim of Dr Hans Schwake is also to work together with another doctor and to train him in the field of rehabilitation.