Community Based Rehabilitation

According to recommendations of the WHO rehabilitation should be a comprehensive help to the disabled people focusing not only on the physical damage (impairment), but also on the functional restrictions (disability) and the social effects (handicap).

The life of the people with impairment happens above all in the local community, the family and the village, including school and work.

Furthermore rehabilitation must consider not only the people with impediment themselves, but also the life sphere and has to provide attempts to improve the circumstances of life.

Therefore, an essential element of the rehabilitation programme is a visiting service by „fieldworkers“. These people should perceive the following duties on their visits by journeys in the villages and towns:

  • Detecting people with disabilities in the villages
  • Clarifying about impediment
  • Instructing and accompanying the families
  • Indicating and providing with offers, therapy, travel expenses
  • Cooperating in Primary Health: hygiene, nutrition, clear drinking water
  • Cooperating with mayor, village-oldest, priests, teachers, etc.
  • Examining and fitting of the living conditions for the disabled people
  • Integrating at school, helping with job creation and finding resources
  • Offering therapy on site
  • Founding and promoting self-help organisations
  • Strengthening of the solidarity and the finance

For this work there are already experiences and materials by CCBRT. The responsible CEO of CCBRT has offered to make these available.

CUAMM (Doctors with Africa) has already set up a programme of fieldworkers in Iringa Destrict. 2011 through the intervention of 80 Community Health Workers 10.000 people could be reached with an outreach of more than 40 villages. These Community Health Workers are mainly “Mamas”, elderly women who are highly considered and listened to in their villages. Up to now CUAMM’s programme is mainly focusing on mother-and-child-care. But the organization has already showed interest to collaborate with NeemaRehabilitation, which could build on this programme a training of the fieldworkers to reach the above mentioned topics. Furthermore training courses for the Community health workers of the villages are planned as an addition to the curriculum of Government.

An outreach service in villages and communities (CBR = Community Based Rehabilitation Programme) can draw the attention of the social community towards people with disabilities and promote services for them. This activity can take advantage of an existing network of Community Health Workers built up by fieldworkers of CUAMM. These Community Health Worker are inhabitants in the village and they are wellknown and be trusted by them. They know everybody and every family very well and they are in contact with them. CUAMM has set up these groups in over 100 villages.

The community health worker, who are instructed in the villages in the training programme of CUAMM titled „mother and child care“ and „Aids“  will be trained by NeemaRehabilitation in addition now to questions around the theme of ‚Disability‘.

It´s about the demagnetization of being disabled which is to address and to illuminate from a medicine, social and religious perspective. Often the families feel punished by God or the their ancestors. Now they  will be additionally educated towards handicap-related issues so that they will get their human rights of being part of community and education. Especially they should know that they are beloved by God like everybody else.