• Realization of a full functioning, differentiated Rehabilitation Clinic, in response to upcoming new observations, needs and knowledge
  • Expanding in further more villages
  • Expanding the services into the just existing neighbor house

Once known NeemaRehabilitation will surely face so many requests that the capacity should be enlarged. In this situation it should be decided to extend and enlarge the services and buildings.

As there are so many kinds of disabilities NeemaRehabilitation could also focus on other targets.

Especially the set-up of an orthopedic workshop is a need as there is no institute available in the surrounding. Skilled staff is easily available. But the required machines are expensive and can only be achieved by sponsors. Also the consumptive materials are expensive.

In perspective the CBR programme can be also expanded by the elements, now the CCBRT sets up:

  • Radar development (provision of employment)
  • PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief)

The costs for the treatment and rehabilitation of disabled persons can never be paid by the concerned persons themselves, but will always depend on the support of a community that expresses their solidarity. All efforts will have to be done to enforce and enlarge this solidarity. As mentioned a very important part of the work of the rehabilitation clinic will be this spiritual and pedagogic rule.

The education of the staff at all levels will be the prior condition for the retraction of the foreign specialist staff.


Expanding NeemaReha Polyclinic

Setting up a plan for a clinic with several houses for accommodation for mother and child (a week)

  • A night ward for patients
  • Accommodations for course participants
  • Widening the medical consultation and treatment services
  • Expansion of the physiotherapist services
  • Employment of specialized local staff in leading positions

Perspectives for development and sustainability